Home Inspections

Certified home inspectors in nova scotia

Why D & W?

 We believe in supporting and giving back to our community. Our company is owned and operated by locals, not a franchise. This gives us an opportunity to become experts in local building practices and develop relationships with our amazing community. Our inspectors are certified to the highest standards of the industry and are committed to continuing education to best serve our clients. 




Receive an in-depth report of your future home. Understand and identify all the components of your investment. 



Ready to sell your house? We can help you identify potential issues to improve and maximize the value of your home. 



The location of your business is important to your success. We help you understand your investment before you commit.

Protect Your Investment.

Have confidence in your purchase with our 90 Day Home Buy Back Guarantee. A home is the largest investment most people will make, and you should have the confidence in your purchase.
Our home experts pass along knowledge for both experienced homeowners and first time buyers to understand the many complex systems within your home. We help identify potentially expensive problems and give our customers the information they need to maintain their property so that it continues to be a great investment for a lifetime.